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Clint Fuqua - The Health Engineer

Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

About Clint Fuqua:

Clint Fuqua is an accomplished Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience, including specialized training in the areas of corporate wellness, sports nutrition, and exercise biomechanics. Clint has been an executive and formulation specialist with a nutritional supplement company, Personal Training Certification Instructor, and the Strength and Conditioning Director for the Dallas Heroes Basketball Academy. Clint has created programs for athletes, small businesses, and many people just wanting to improve their health so they can live a long and quality filled life. Clint hosts the nationally syndicated “Personal Health Care Reform” Talk Show, published a book series by the same name, and writes for multiple publications to help everyone learn the best ways to get and stay independently healthy for life.

Clint designs total health and performance enhancing programs unique to each client's wants, known needs, and unknown needs. Finding a balance between these wants, needs, and creating a balanced program to address them in their importance at each point in a client's training life is the difference between success and failure. Clint utilizes his keen sense of observation and fore thought to develop full scale programs using specialized assessment methods, exercise equipment, movement protocols, and nutritional programs to aid his clients in achieving success.

Clint's programs incorporate a blend of exercises, equipment, and homework for each client based upon each initial assessment. The exercise programs build on one another over time to increase his client's metabolism, energy, vitality, self knowledge and overall well being. These program elements help clients of all ages to obtain their goals in and out of the gym for the rest of their lives. Clint is a available for individual and corporate health, wellness, and fitness services.

Years of Experience: 25 years

Certifications & Qualifications:

ADA Certified Speaker, IIN Certified Health Coach, CIAR PFS , CIAR Biomechanics of Strength Training , CIAR-OPT , NASM CPT-OPT , IDEA Elite Personal Trainer , Aaberg PTPT I Advanced Biomechanics , Aaberg PTPT II Advanced Performance Training , Aaberg PTPT III Advanced Program Design , Purvis RTS-Lecture , Purvis RTS-Practical , Purvis RTS-Mastery* , *(Attended RTS-M Science, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine/Trunk) , Attended Parker CC Gross Anatomy Cadaver Lab for Trainers in 06 and 07 , CPR-AED


Health Management, Basic Dietary Consultation, Nutritional Supplementation, Pre Surgery and Post Rehab Training, Fat and Weight loss, Muscle and Weight Gain, Pre and Post Natal, Performance Enhancement, Cardiovascular Endurance, Sports Specific Training, Kettle Bells, Program Design, Functional Training - Stability, Balance, and Flexibility

Sport-Specific Training:

Position and role based training for all sports for ages 12 and up

Corporate Wellness Programs:

Life Quality Enhancement and health cost saving for improved employee engagement and profitability

Client Focus:

Helping clients make positive changes in their lives for both short term goals and long term health.


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