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Clint Fuqua - The Health Engineer

Health / Fitness / Nutrients / Corporate Wellness / Consultant and Speaker

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There is so much "Fake News" about the health industry out there it is tough to know who and what to believe. I have been shedding a light on this for the past 20 years through multiple articles, interviews, and books. Make sure YOU know what is best for YOUR Health and how to not be taken advantage of by slick marketing and false stories. Sign Up Today for your healthier tomorrow!


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There are many considerations when deciding to improve your health including family history, current lifestyle, health issues, and medications. Learn how all of these impacts your health and easy ways to improve your health through simple daily actions. Also discover the exact nutrients to take for your best health now and in the future as backed by 10,000 independent medical studies. Everything is included in your Health Report after you take this Private HIPAA Compliant Health Assessment.

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Living well and getting in better shape are much easier when you know what to do and how to do it well. I have put together a full series of videos to help you learn the best ways to do both while avoiding injury and illness often caused by improper exercise form and dietary practices. This is like having me in the palm of your hand at the store and the gym!


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