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Clint Fuqua - The Health Engineer

Certified Personal Trainer and IIN Certified Health Coach

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ID Life: Free Personal Health Assessment and Collection of Products

The big wall of vitamins at all the nutrition stores and online stores have one thing in common, none of them are made specifically for you. Every person has individual needs, takes different medications, and deserves the highest quality nutrients available that are clinically proven. Individually Designed Nutrition is the wave of the future and you can live it NOW with IDLife!!

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Get the most nutritious meals for your specific fitness program prepared by a professional chef - so you know the flavor of each bite will be very delicious. These meals are delivered to you fresh so whether you are busy at home with your family (and just don't want to grocery shop) or live in the rural part of America, you can still enjoy the finest quality and best dining experience possible. Place your order today, making sure to enter the special code of cbfit at checkout and enjoy fine dining at home (and be eating healthy at the same time!).

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